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How will Shell use my carbon emission data to optimize the experience in the platform?

  1. The Hub has a natural ability to amplify our capability to cooperate in assisting you in progressing your energy transition journey. Be it between Shell and one of our suppliers, or even between suppliers themselves. It allows us to work as partners, in helping you to accomplish your desired corporate emissions ambition.
  2. The platform applies a learner mindset methodology, through which you can estimate your current emissions and design your own energy transition journey, based on the carbon emissions data that you provide. In addition, you can monitor and estimate your progress, while making necessary adjustments towards meeting your desired ambition.
  3. You’ll also have an opportunity to do anonymous comparison of your corporate emissions with other suppliers, which you should – of course - solely for the purpose of decarbonizing your supply chain.
  4. The Hub has the capability to create a connection between the different suppliers, by allowing you to learn from the solutions implemented by companies similar in size to yours and which are in the same industry.

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