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How is this different than other emission sharing platforms/tools/systems?

  1. The Hub is not a calculator. It works on the premise of collating the corporate emissions data provided and mapping out a potential pathway to reaching the desired ambition within the designated timeframe.
  2. Its focus is industry specific and thus allows users to make comparisons based on the relevant sector. It’s also able to tackle the harder-to-abate sectors due to its design, which considers the needs of the current higher-carbon technologies.
  3. The data provided is translated into information used to design unique company decarbonisation plans.
  4. Please note that the sharing and exchange of any form of information is for legal and legitimate purposes only and we will not tolerate the exchange of any competitively sensitive information.
  5. Please also note that this is not a compliance tool and Shell does not provide any consultancy or assurance services to you and/or your company.

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