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Why has Shell created its own tool?

  1. Our research suggests that currently none of the Scope 3 tools or approaches available in the market address Shell’s specific supply chain decarbonisation requirements. For example, allowing organisations to design their decarbonisation ambitions and access alternative low-carbon solutions to help them to achieve their ambitions.
  2. Although many of the tools available in the market help organisations to measure their emissions levels, our specific needs required the development of additional features. We required a more comprehensive offering that went beyond emissions measurement.
  3. In addition to the ability to track carbon emissions, we needed a collaborative and interactive digital platform that enabled sharing of best practices and allowed Shell, as well as our suppliers, to share their expertise in the energy sector to help progress the energy transition journey, in step with society. More information about our energy transition journey is available at
  4. We also focused on creating a digital platform that had the ability to grow and evolve to remain relevant and attuned to the rapid changes in Shell’s, as well as our suppliers’ business environment and the society in general.

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