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Why am I asked to share my corporate level emissions as opposed to solely the allocation of my emissions to Shell?

  1. Achieving the 1.5oC goal of the Paris Agreement, will be challenging, but it’s technically possible. The extent of global collaboration required will be unprecedented. Becoming a net-zero emissions energy business means that we are reducing emissions from our operations and from the fuels and other energy products, such as electricity that we sell to our customers. This progress will depend on whether governments and businesses, including Shell, provide the right conditions and incentives for low- and zero-carbon choices, and on whether consumers embrace these changes.
  2. It also goes beyond the measurement of Shell’s emissions (attributable to your supply chain) and includes our aspiration to better understand our supplier’s decarbonisation ambitions. Which in turn allows us to jointly identify low-carbon solutions, to help them to reach those ambitions.
  3. Most of our emissions come from our customers using Shell’s fuels and other energy products we sell. So, it makes sense to place our customers and suppliers at the centre of our energy transition strategy. We will work with our customers to change and grow demand for low-carbon energy products and service, sector by sector, using the strength of our relationships, knowledge and expertise.

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