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How does Shell protect data privacy? Can I remove my company from the tool?

  1. Shell has a stringent data privacy policy, and we expect all users of the platform to comply and respect our data policy. A copy of our data policy is available at
  2. We have made a function on the Hub for you to select who you would like to share your emissions data with. It’s also entirely up to you to decide, whether you will make use of this feature at all.
  3. We ask you to share emissions data in order to enable you to design your decarbonisation ambition and to provide you with possible solutions to your current energy challenges.
  4. You can decide what you wish to share with your suppliers/ customers, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Hub.
  5. Only those who have been selected will be able to exchange emissions data with you.
  6. You can also opt-out from the Hub at any time.

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